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Top 2 destination IPs

SnortSnarf v021111.1

Signature section (933)Top 20 source IPsTop 20 dest IPs

This page provides summary information about alerts acquired using input module SnortFileInput, with sources:

The most active destination IPs are shown. Rank is determined by the number of alerts with that IP as the destination. Within a rank, IPs are sorted by # of signatures, then by IP number.

RankTotal # AlertsDestination IP# Signatures triggeredOriginating sources
rank #1929 alerts192.168.0.3833 signatures(557 source IPs)
rank #24 alerts192.168.0.81 signatures192.168.0.38

SnortSnarf brought to you courtesy of Silicon Defense
Authors: Jim Hoagland and Stuart Staniford
See also the Snort Page by Marty Roesch
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